R Worm Gearmotor

R Worm Gearmotor

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We offer a reliable and best quality R-Worm Gear motor with main industrial application in chemical, environmental protection industry, building materials industry, metal processing industry, agriculture and food industry, textile and leather industry and forest paper industry. The modular design product is manufactured in high industrial standards with independent intellectual property rights. The product is designed with aluminum and stainless steel which gives high performance and output with light weight and gets it easily manageable. Available at best price and quality the product is unique in style and performance.


  • Modular design of the gear motor results i short turnaround times
  • Unique geometry of gear tooth ensures accurate output torque
  • Hardened case of protection against environment conditions
  • Excellent sealing for preventing oil leakage
  • Applicable in various industries such as building materials, agriculture, food and metal processing
  • The gear motor is completely resistant to rust and abrasion
  • It is constructed in a wear free design
Specification of R series worm gear units (Cast aluminium box)
  • Ratio: 6-80
  • Torque: 0.049-0.627kN.m
  • Power: 0.12-4kW