HK Centre Distance Extended Gearbox

HK Centre Distance Extended Gearbox

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We offer a range of high-quality HK Centre Distance Extended gearbox. The main application of the products is specifically hoisting and transportation, Seaport and Metallurgy and Mining. These superior quality products are engineered with utmost care and supervision. The high modular design is available in a wide variety to meet the detail specification of the clients. The products offered have fulfilled all the industrial standards for safety and security. We request for customer feedback for allowing us with an opportunity to serve better and smart.

We are manufacturing HK Centre Distance Extended Gearbox that are based on progressive technology and deliver optimal performance. The gear box has a complete modular design which is supported with features of increased exchange rate and reduce delivery time. These are mainly installed and applicable for the following:

  • Hoist and transport
  • Harbor and shipping
  • Metallurgy and mining

Applications and Features of HK Centre Distance Extended Gearbox

  • Used for increasing the distance amid two shafts viz input and output
  • Ideal for cranes such as bridge cranes, gantry and container cranes
  • Two types of housing are available viz HK05-HK14 which can be casted or welded and K15-HK22 which is welded only
  • Double output seals
  • Zero percent chance of leakage, which ascertains good sealing

Design of HK Centre Distance Extended Gearbox

  • Two transmission stages viz 3 stage and 4 stage
  • Two mounting modes are there viz foot mounted w/o feet and with feet
  • Two output shafts are present that are hollow shaft and solid shaft, both are with key. Hollow shaft is provided with shrink disc whereas the solid one is with involute spline